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West Highland White Terrier Dog Breeders in New Zealand

Westies are descended from Cairn Terriers, who occasionally whelped white puppies naturally, and Scottish Terriers; who also occasionally produced white offspring. White offspring from other terriers such as the Bedlington Terrier and Dandie Dinmont Terrier were occasionally introduced to the bloodline for desired characteristics, but this practice generally stopped in the 1850s. Westie Terriers have bright, deep-set eyes; these tend to be dark, with a "piercing" look. Their ears are generally small, pointed, and erect. Please note that the above information was taken from Wikipedia.

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oasis kennels

Ormondville Norsewood, Tararua, Manawatu Wanganui     Yes puppies available
06 374
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Te Aroha, Matamata Piako, Waikato     No puppies available
07 884
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